May 2016:

Silvercor Magnum 10Gig Ethernet Drive

This video shows the latest Silvercor Magnum 10Gig Ethernet Drive..

March 2015:

How to use Silvercor's Ethernet drives?

This video demonstrates how to use Silvecor's ethernet drive in a standard JBOD chassis which is rack into a standard 19" rack. The drive is powered with its POE port directly connected to the POE switch. You can keep adding more drives whenever you need them. In this demo, the drive is running iSCSI which enable you to use the existing iscsi initiator to access the drive and aggregate it to your existing drives.

March 2015:

What is the performance of Silvercor disk under different configuration ?

This video shows the performance of the Silvercor virtual drive under different configurations. It also shows the performance of an iSCSI virtual machine under 100% virtualization and a full hypervisor running in the disk drive.