Products Silvercor NAS and SAN Flash Storage

Silvercor NAS

Silvercor NAS, is built with ease of use for home and SOHO users. It's compact, palm-sized form factor makes it portable. You can bring it with you wherever you go.

Setup is easy as 1-2-3 with automatic discovery using smartphone or tablet apps.

Add it to a VPN router and you can aceess it remotey like a private cloud. 

How to buy Silvercor NAS?

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Silvercor NAS brings great ease in network file sharing among smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops specially for home users.

Silvercor NAS is auto-discoverable using File Manager apps such as File Explorer®. Photos and videos can be viewed using media player apps such as Photosync®, PlayerXtreme® or VLC®.


Silvercor SAN

Silvercor SAN is designed as fully distributed storage for customers seeking performance, capacity and scalability.

The Silvercor SAN drive has iSCSI built in. It is flash based and low power.

With dual 10Gig makes it powerful SAN in a 3.5 inch drive form factor.