1. How do we handle administration of the disks? The drives appear as virtual machines in standard cloud management tools, or you can use our propriety GUI and plug-ins.
  2. Can you mix mechanical and solid state disks in the same volume and aggregate them into bigger volumes? Yes, you can mix the drives and aggregate them into big volumes.
  3. Why dual Ethernet ports on the Magnum? Silvercor has patented its "RAID over Network" which allows one-to-one and one-to-many drives mirroring using its "RAID over Network"utilizing the second Ethernet port to isolate mirroring traffic from user storage traffic.
  4. What hypervisor do the Silvercor disks support ? Silvercor's virtual drives support VMware ESXI, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft HyperV, RedHat Hypervisor and KVM.
  5. What virtual machines does Silvercor support ? Silvercor support iSCSI VM, Hadoop VM, Object storage VM and others depending on needs.
  6. Why is Silvercor storage solution disruptive ? Silvercor brings the iSCSI box model down to a drive economics model.
  7. Why is Silvercor's solution low power ? Because Silvercor's solution does not require power hungry CPUs with lots of memory like commodity appliances. Silvercor's CPU is optimized with enough memory to handle a single drive.
  8. What are the Silvercor's differences ? Silvercor has lower TCO, pay as you grow, low power, not IO limited like commodities, lower administration cost, and supports both flash and spinning drives.
  9. Does Silvercor drives use HBA? Yes, the Silvercor iSCSI units support HBAs and offload engines since it's 100% iSCSI compliant.