About Silvercor

Who are we ? Silvercor provides high performance Ethernet flash drives solution with intelligence built-in for block and object storage. Utilizing high performance, power efficient multi-core 64bit x86 AMD Embedded SOCs. Silvercor's vision is to effectively enable a paradigm change in storage based on ethernet drives using standard protocols not proprietary boxes. Silvercor's mission is to facilitate IT administrators with a new approach to storage infrastructure and solutions. Our company's roadmap is to build and foster alliances and partnerships with organizations that can leverage Silvercor's solutions effectively.




Why Silvercor ?


A new storage model

From expensive, monolithic storage arrays to commodity servers, legacy storage approaches can add significant costs, management complexities, and power consumption to storage infrastructure. The Silvercor Ethernet flash drives solution changes costly legacy box business model into a drive business model at a lower entry price point and lower power. Each drive has the ability to run its own hypervisor and supports virtualization (VMware ESXI, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft HyperV, RedHat Hypervisor and KVM) directly out of the drive itself. Silvercor transforms legacy iSCSI box model into an ethernet drive model without sacrificing performance. It also enables the non-intelligent direct attached storage box to incorporate performance/features comparable to high end SAN or NAS box. The solution incorporates iSCSI block and object storage features into the flash drives with high performance and efficient power usage.