1. What is a NAS ?

Network attached storage (NAS) for storing files such as photos, videos, movies, graphics and any files and shared among devices on a local network with an ethernet connection.

2. How does a NAS work ?

NAS allows any home devices such as cell phones, laptops, ipads, TVs, cameras, speakers etc any connected device on the home network can access the storage drive.

3. Why is it beneficial for me ?

a. It's a family drive where I can store all my pictures, videos, work files, personal finances etc.
b. All my information is private and not floating in the internet.
c. One time cost and upgrade is scalable by adding more drives.

4. How big is the drive ?

2 or 3 or 4 times the storage of 64Gig card for the Android phone depending on how much you need. Capacities are 128Gb, 256Gb, 1Tb, 2Tb and 4Tb of flash.

5. How do I use this ?

Download a file manager such as file explorer, remote file manager, VLC from your iphone or Android phone. When you go through file explorer you will see the drive automatically shows up after it’s connected.

6. Who can see my data ?

You and your family members can see your data.

7. Are this storage shared ?

Yes, they can be share by allowing them the user name and password.

8. How do I connect to my files ?

Download a file explorer or file manager app on your mobile phones and the drive is automatically discover on your phones.

9. Can I access this remotely ?


10. How does this help me if I change my phone ?

Your files are stored on the drive so even if you change your phone, you will still be able to access the files

11. Can I use my laptop or desktop ?


12. Can I use my browser ?


13. Can I use my ipad ?

Yes using a Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser

14. Can the drive run all night ?


15. Why would I buy a drive like this ?

Privacy, file sharing, no recurring fees.