About Silvercor

Silvercor, Inc. is headquartered in Milpitas, CA and has continued to pioneer innovations in data storage products. At Silvercor, we focus on new data storage technologies combined with state of the art X86 processors and POE power over ethernet drives.

Silvecor has introduced storage attached network (SAN) FLASH 3.5 inch form factor drive with iSCSI and 10 Gig support for enterprise and data center customers. By building SANs in the flash drives, SANs can be more affordable and scalable.

Silvercor also offers network attached storage (NAS) products which focuses on mobile devices access. Mobile and home users can create their own private clouds, share data between tablets and smartphones and other home devices with remote access from the Silvercor NAS.

Its palm-size, compact design makes the drive portable. The power over ethernet efficiencies saves energy. Having faster ethernet options and multi-core processors integrated enables faster performances. Better flash-based performances empowers users to have faster and more reliable data storage solutions.