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ethernet flash drive


Silvercor data storage offers a new Ethernet flash drives with iSCSI block storage and object storage options buit-in. Silvercor storage platform assist IT and systems administrators in deploying storage resources on Silvercor Ethernet flash drives. These flash drives are managed through Windows and Linux servers on the existing networks. The Silvercor drives are added in "building blocks" fashion to generate larger volumes wherever storage resources are needed.



Ethernet drives

Each individual Silvercor Ethernet flash drive is provisioned with high performance, power efficient multi-core x86 64bit AMD Embedded CPU cores. The Ethernet flash drives with quad cores provide a substantial aggregate number of processor cores. These ethernet flash drives are specially useful for big data and object storage deployments. With their superb performance and low power using Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards, 10Gig interfaces and multi terabyte of flash storage, it provides a paradigm change in the storage landscape. Each drive has the ability to run its own hypervisor and supports virtualization directly out of the drive itself. Silvercor transforms legacy iSCSI box model into an ethernet drive model without sacrificing performance. Silvercor Solution Brief. For further details, contact us at twitter: @silvercorinc or info@silvercor.com